Find Local Food 

Northwestern Pennsylvania

Three markets working together to connect you with the people who grow and make your food

We are three different markets partnering to bring you more local food in northwestern PA. 

How does it work?

In 2022, our markets started working together to "carpool" products from one market to another. Each week we aggregate and distribute a number of regional products to each of our markets.


For small farmers and producers, it takes a lot of time and energy to bring products to different markets- especially in rural, spread-out communities like ours! Our collaboration means a farmer can deliver their products to the market closest to them, and we do the work of getting it to the other two markets.

For people interested in eating local foods, this means you get more local products at the market closest to you. For example, if you shop at Core Goods in Oil City, you're able to enjoy more foods from Crawford and Erie Counties.

Check out each of our markets for more information:

Edinboro Market

Edinboro, PA

Meadville Market House

Meadville, PA

Core Goods

Oil City, PA

This collaboration is made possible with Healthy Food Financing Initiative funding from the USDA through the Reinvestment Fund.